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Working Together Improving Credit Scores


Before I went to American Credit Solutions my credit score was 520. I felt hopeless until my sister told me about them. When I contacted them and I saw the price was very reasonable and decided to try them out. Wow I thought I was hopeless but my credit score is now 710.

Thank you very much American Credit Solutions  

Mike B. – California

I was very happy after graduating from college and was the first member of my family to get a college degree. I was offered a position at a major corporation with a good salary. My family and friends were all celebrating with me. Two days later, I received a call letting me know they reviewed my credit and decided not to hire me because my score was not to the company’s satisfaction and they decided to go with another applicant. I was shocked, upset and dismayed and I could not imagine what my credit score had to do with my education, skills and ability to do the job. I did a little research and found out that a lot of companies are asking permission to run credit reports on their applicants to determine who they want to hire.

Glad I Found You!

Willie – California

I blew my engine and needed to buy a new vehicle. I went to a car dealership, found a car I liked and could afford. Test drove it and filled out an application to purchase. The Salesman asked me up front how my credit was and with doubt I responded I think it’s fair. He ran several inquiries to see if there was a bank that would support me with the loan but there were none. My income was good enough to buy the car but my credit score was not good enough to buy the car.  I was frustrated and worried and drove away in my rental car, embarrassed. I decided enough is enough and went online seeking help to repair my credit and I came across several companies but I chose American Credit Solutions because the price was right and their video explained step by step in simple detail what I would be paying for. I could interactively watch online as good changes were happening and they offered a money back guarantee! Long story short, my credit score went from the low 500’s to the high 700’s in a matter of 6 months and to me it was worth EVERY dime. I am also learning from them the skills of keeping my credit clean and the best part is I have a new confidence. I know that I can buy any car, be approved for any credit card or even buy a house if that’s what I want to do and that is a feeling that makes me overjoyed. Thank you American Credit Solutions, I will definitely be referring people your way, letting them know, you are indeed the solution!

Wanda T.-California