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You can sign up for our credit repair program with  zero upfront fees. You can feel comfortable knowing that we will not charge you for the initial audit fee until 5 days after you enroll.

Initial Audit Fee – $199.00 Per Person

(One-time fee, charged 24hrs after signing up for credit repair services.)

Below is list of services included in the Initial Audit

What to Expect when you Enroll

  • 24 Hour access to updates from  any computer or smart phone
  • The Letter Process
  • Credit Education
  • Credit Analysis
  • Damages you can be Awarded
  • Secure Credit Card (Optional)
  • Purchase a tradeline (to increase your credit score now)

If we are unable to delete any negative items from your credit report in 180 days, we will refund your Initial Audit Fee in full.

A deletion fee is invoiced for the complete deletion of an item.  The deletion fees are per item and per bureau.  The deletion of ANY item from ANY bureau counts as ONE (1) deletion.  The deletion of any account or public record from all three credit bureaus count as THREE (3) deletions. 

Once you have a balance with us for the items that were deleted, you will be billed no more than $75 a month until your balance is paid off.  You will not be required to pay off your balance in full all at once. Example: If there are 6 collections deleted @ $50 each, we will send you an invoice of $300, in which you will be required to pay $75 a month for 4 months.  

We highly recommend clients to maintain an active credit monitoring service from all three credit bureaus.  If the client doesn’t already have one, we will suggest they sign up for our preferred credit monitoring site which is $1 for the first 7 days and then $21.99 a month.

Therefore, the most a client would pay monthly is $97, which includes the $75 deletion fees and $21.99 a month for credit monitoring.  

PRICES (charged only after we Delete Items)

$50 Per Late Payment- Per Bureau

Late Payments

We realize that you might have late payments on your credit report.  We contact the credit bureaus and creditors to demand they are reporting 100% accurate information pursuant to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA). Late payments can appear because of the following:

Job Loss Financial Hardship

Hospitalization Computer Error

Deployment Inaccurate Reporting

$50 Per Item – Per Bureau


Collection accounts can seem to be very burdensome and you may not know exactly what rights you have.  We will never suggest for you to not pay a collection agency, but before you do, we will ensure that they provide proper validation and are able to prove the account is yours.  There are times where collections agencies report inaccurate information on your credit report, so it is their responsibility to provide verification that the accounts are being reported accurately. They must do the following:

Report 100% Accurately  Ensure Balance is Listed Correctly

Provide Account Validation When Disputed Mark Account “In Dispute” when disputing

Not be in violation of the FDCPA or FCRA

Be in compliance with the Furnisher Rule

$100 Per Item – Per Bureau


Not one likes it when their car is repossessed and  we don’t want you to feel that you are never able to recover.  Creditors and credit bureaus must report accurate information on your credit report. In addition, they must provide documentation that supports any information reported.  Lenders must do the following: 

Report 100% Accurately  Mark Account “In Dispute” when disputing

Provide Account Validation When Disputed Ensure Balance is Listed Correctly

Not Be In Violation of the FDCPA or FCRA

Delete The Account if There is No Proof 

$50 Per Item – Per Bureau

Charge Offs

A charge-off occurs when your account typically goes over 180-past due and the creditor has closed your account. They then will do one of two things: Hire a collection agency to collect the debt or file a judgment against you.  Just like with any other account, the account must be listed 100% accurate on your credit report and we ensure creditors do the following:

Report 100% Accurately  Ensure Balance is Listed  Correctly 

Provide Account Validations When Disputed Mark Account “In Dispute” when disputing

Aren’t in Violation of the FDCPA or FCRA Delete The Account If There is No Proof 

$100 Per Item – Per Bureau

Foreclosures & Short Sales

A foreclosure can prevent you from being approved for credit again.  But knowing how to request validation of verification can be the key to proper removal.  Banks must do the following:

Report 100% accurately Ensure Balance is Listed


Provide Account Validation  Mark Account “In Dispute”

When Disputed when disputing

Not be in violation of the Delete The Account if There is No 


$100 Per Item – Per Bureau

Public Records (Bankruptcy, Child Support, Etc.)

Public records can cause your credit score to drop significantly.  Courthouses do not report to the credit bureaus. Even though this is the case, it is still important that you get the proper documentation in order to remove these accounts if not accurate. We can dispute the following inaccurate public records:

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy State Tax Liens

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Judgements

Federal Tax Liens Child Support


Inquires – $2 per inquire deleted Per Bureau

According to FICO, a hard inquiry will typically result in a 5-10 point drop in your credit scores. Hard inquiries remain on your credit report for two years.

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